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Solutions Transit Services sells and distributes to the whole of Europe and North Africa the full range of AlphaTherm Thermal Barrier Liners and thermal pallet covers (ATL).

What is ATL and how does it work?

The AlphaTherm Liner is a fully woven reflective liner that is hung into a general-purpose ISO shipping container and allows for forklift loading, hand loading and slip sheet loading. Once loaded it is fully sealed, protecting all six walls and providing a closed off temperature and humidity controlled environment for the goods within.

Without the proper protection of the ATL, cargo inside a container can be exposed to dangerous heat penetrating in three ways: conduction, radiation and convection. Conduction occurs when the cargo makes direct contact with the container walls. Radiation, or radiant heat, penetrates through the container wall from the outside via infrared radiation whilst convection is the hot air circulating throughout the container.

What are the advantages of using the AlphaTherm Thermal Liner?

ATL simply offers more than the alternatives. It is more cost effective and performs better than bubble wrap and thermal blankets. It is also much cheaper, stronger and easier to install than other types of liners.

AlphaTherm Thermal Liner does not require the use of double sided adhesive tapes, glues, mechanical blowers or devices during installation inside an ISO container. Simply hang the ATL with the lashings provided and tie it to the lugs inside the container. This task can be done quickly and needs only one operator!

AlphaTherm Thermal Liner is specifically designed for usage in general purpose ISO shipping containers in both 20' and 40'. However, because of the versatility and ability of the AlphaTherm material, we have also designed thermal protection products such as: pallet covers, air freight liners, sea freight liners, shipping thermal liners, insulated pallet covers and thermal container liners.

As you can see from the picture to the right, we have a full range of AlphaTherm Liners including pallet covers and air freight covers.

AlphaTherm Liner Installation Video

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